You’ll find the finest washed and unwashed sand in our yard

Sand has a multitude of uses and at Watson Davies Landscape Supplies, we have a variety of sand size to fit the job you need. Whether you’re putting paving stones round the house or rolling driveways in the next subdivision development, our locally sourced sand is washed and ready for your project. 

Paving Sand (3000)

Our paving sand is washed with larger grit size, making it the most effective paving sand around. Sourced from local sand pits, this product is used in both landscaping and construction as well as the smaller jobs, such as children’s sandpits.

Typical Use: Under and between paving stones. 

Compatible Products: Can be mixed with cement to use dry between paving stones. Also used with compost to make seedling mix or with heavy soils that need loosening up.

Price (incl gst):  $69.00/m3.

Mortar Sand (2000)

Our sand – mortar (2000) is washed sand with a smaller grit size. Sourced from a local sandpit, it is generally cleaner than paving sand.

Typical Use: A host of uses including making concrete, mortar and used in the telecommunications industry to protect cables.

Compatible Products: Mixed with cement to make mortar.

Price (incl gst):  $80.00/m3.

Pit Sand

Our locally sourced unprocessed sand of brown colour is an ideal product for projects such as driveways and paths.

Typical Use: Compacts well so can be used for building, drives and path foundations. 

Compatible Products: Builders mix and cement when laying driveways or paths.

Price (incl gst):  $42.00/m3