River Stones

Achieve the landscaping look you’re after with our selection of river stones.

River stones are a popular feature in many landscaping projects and for good reason. Easy to maintain and keep the weeds at bay, river stones provide a natural, modern look. At Watson Davies Landscape Supplies we source our river stones from Kaiaua and Ruapehu, giving you a choice when it comes to adding the finishing touch to your next project.

Pea Metal (5-10mm)

Our locally sourced pea metal is a smaller stone of volcanic origin and comes in shades of soft creams and browns.

Typical Use: Wide landscaping appeal both indoors and out. Also used as a drainage material in hard to access situations, and where appearance matters.

Compatible Products: Wide range of other landscaping materials. Novaflow slotted pipe for drainage purposes.

Price (incl gst):  $115.00/m3

Garden Pebble (16-25mm)

Also known as Waikato Gold, our garden pebble stock comes in a range of sizes from 16mm – 25mm. This locally sourced pebble from nearby quarries is like Pea Metal but a larger size.

Typical Use: General landscaping use - let your imagination decide.

Compatible Products: Mix and match with our other products to create your magic landscape. Novaflow slotted pipe for drainage purposes.

Price (incl gst):  $150.00/m3

Kaiaua (small, 7-20mm) Out of Stock

We source all our Kaiaua river stones from the Kaiaua Stone Company on the Firth of Thames Coastline. Our smallest Kaiaua river stones come in 7-20mm size. This smooth river stone comes in uniform tones of grey, between gun metal and ash.  

Typical Use: Landscaping or as ground cover.

Compatible Products: Another versatile natural product that is compatible with most other stocked products. Use with weedmat if used as ground cover.

Price (incl gst): $200.00/m3

Kaiaua (medium, 20-40mm)

Our Kaiaua river stones come in a range of different sizes. If you want to achieve contrast with your landscape project, combine the smaller stone with our 20 – 40mm size. It comes in the same range of grey tones.

Typical Use: Landscaping projects large and small. Could also be used indoors with potted plants or with water features.

Compatible Products: What doesn’t it go with? Use it with weedmat, topsoil and compost to create a feature landscape that will impress family and friends.

Price (incl gst):  Sorry, out of stock.

Kaiaua (large, 40-60mm)

The largest of our Kaiaua sourced river stones is the 40-60mm. These come in the same grey tones enabling you to mix and match to add an extra dimension to your landscape feature.

Typical Use: This is a larger feature stone that can be used for larger landscape settings. Alternatively, use a few of the larger river stones within a smaller setting for a distinguishing feature.

Compatible Products: Landscape rocks, other Kaiaua stones, sleepers, Gabion baskets.

Price (incl gst):  $200.00/m3.

Kaiaua (extra-large, 65-150mm) Out of Stock

The largest of our Kaiaua sourced river stones is the 65-150mm. This is a mixed grade that includes some stones larger than 150mm also.  Grey and off-white tones with some marbling make these a very attractive stone. An ideal stone where impact is required.

Typical Use: Large landscape projects where impact is required from a distance and up close. Ideal for Gabion baskets.

Compatible Products: Landscape rocks, sleepers, or next to one of our decorative barks
and mulches.

Price (incl gst):  $150.00/m3

Ruapehu (small, 20-30mm) In stock again

These multi-coloured and textured river stones come in sizes between 25 and 35mm. Quarried out of King Country rivers, the Ruapehu stone is known for its unique colour.

Typical Use: Landscaping projects.

Compatible Products: Can be used with just about our entire range of landscaping materials. Come in and see what’s possible.

Price (incl gst):  $175.00/m3.

Ruapehu (medium, 30-65mm)

If greys, creams and reds are your thing you won’t be disappointed with this stone. Its medium size makes it a very popular choice.

Typical Use: Landscaping projects.

Compatible Products: The size, colours and textures make this stone compatible with a wide range of our products.

Price (incl gst):  $185.00/m3.

Ruapehu (large, 65-250mm)

The largest of our Ruapehu stones range in size from 65mm to 250mm and come in the same range of colours and textures as the smaller grades.

Typical Use: This is more a feature rock where a strong landscape statement is required.

Compatible Products: Try placing this stone with our other stones, sleepers and landscape rocks to create something stunning.

Price (incl gst):  $185.00/m3.

Landscaping Rocks

Sourced from all over the North Island we have rocks, rocks and more rocks of different sizes and colours.

Typical Use: Landscape and water features, stone walls and circles.

Compatible Products: Many of our other products to create a landscape that will make the neighbours think you won Lotto.

Price (incl gst):  $20.00 - $200.00, based on number and size purchased.