What's so magic about mulch?

Discover why mulching matters for your garden this summer.

The weather people are telling us this summer is going to be a hot one. Great news for BBQs, weekends at the beach, fishing, surfing and all those other water sports! However, hot weather isn’t so great for farmers, nor is it great for the garden.

Not to worry, there’s something we can be doing now in preparation for the hot months that are soon to be upon us. Putting mulch on our garden!

Prepare your garden for summer

While we are still enjoying the milder spring weather, it’s time to start thinking about the hotter months ahead and how we can protect our plants. You don’t want to come back from a weekend at the beach to see half your garden dry and brown.

If you’re like me and have spent the winter putting in new plants, these won’t have had time to establish roots systems capable of optimising uptake of ground water just yet. So they’ll need your help.

Let mulch work its magic

One of the actions you can take to reduce moisture loss and protect your plants is to add mulch to the ground around the plants. While some people use rocks on top of synthetic weedmat, we recommend the use of mulches sourced from organic materials as these will eventually add to the humus and nutrient levels of the soil. 

I often see gardeners using lawn clippings for mulch. If you do this be careful not to apply the clippings too thickly or too close to the stem of the plant, as they can form a dense mat that inhibits irrigation or rain water reaching the plant roots. They can also be a source of fungal diseases that will attack your plants. Mixing in some woody material (untreated sawdust for example) to your clippings is advised. 

Mulch better for your garden

An even better mulch is chipped bark and wood products. These tend to be more open in their structure, don’t mat and therefore continue to allow water and air to enter the soil beneath them. One drawback of woody mulches is that they tend to draw on soil nitrogen during the decomposition process but adding a little soluble nitrogen rich fertilizer will offset that.

There are some other benefits to using mulch on your garden too.

  • Mulches are perfect for reducing weed growth
  • Decorative mulches can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your plantings.

Here at Watson Davies Landscape Supplies, we have a selection of products suitable for use as a mulch and the team are only too happy to give you advice on the best selection for your garden.

Pop on in to the yard before the long hot months of summer arrive!