Garden mix for great growth

Our unique garden mix will help your plants flourish this spring.

With the arrival of spring and daylight saving, gardeners and landscapers alike have shifted their

attention to new season plantings. But before you get all Mr McGregor-like and create neat rows of carrots, beetroot and radishes, you need to spend some time preparing your soil.

If you’ve looked over the fence and seen your neighbour’s silverbeet flourishing and their beans literally growing up the wall, you may wonder what their secret is. The answer is likely to lie underneath.

To achieve optimal growth of your plants, either in the vegetable garden or around your property, it’s important to provide nutrient rich soil for them to dig their roots into. While some keen gardeners will know of time-proven soil mediums to regenerate their garden beds and help their plants choices on the way, others are left wondering what to use.

To remove the guesswork, the team here at Watson Davies Landscape Supplies have come up with Garden Mix.

How does your garden grow

Our garden mix is a blend of our own screened topsoil and compost. It has a loose texture and provides the humus and nutrient boost available from compost and rich Waikato topsoil without being too strong for young plants.

Spread over existing garden beds, or in “planting holes” around the roots of individual plants, our garden mix will help get your spring plantings off to a good start and retain that all important soil moisture.

We also have 1.5kg bags of specialist fertilisers if you want that something extra.

Garden mix is available by the bag on request or you are welcome to borrow one of our free courtesy trailers for those bulk loads. Either way come and get some soon and get your garden off to a strong start this spring. Peter Rabbit will thank you for it!