Our quality aggregates provide you with the right foundation for your next project

No job is too big or too small for our range of aggregates. Sourced from local Waikato quarries, our drainage metals, quarry dust, builders mix and Gap 20 will ensure you get the job finished on time and on budget.

Limestone Chip: (6-15m & 15-25mm)

Sparking white crushed limestone chip sourced from the King County.  Two grades ranging in size from 6mm to 15mm and 15 to 25mm.

Typical Use: This limestone chip makes a bold statement in any landscaping project. Ideal as ground cover over top soil and weed mat, it provides a strong contrast in colour to the other landscaping products we have available. The larger size chip can be used for driveways but laying the chip over gobi squares is recommended.

Compatible Products: Most other mulches and aggregates; screened top soil and weed mat.

Prices (incl gst):        6-15mm, $230.00/m3

                                      15-25mm, $250.00/m3

Drainage Metal (20-40mm)

Typical Use: Suitable for a wide range of drainage jobs, such as behind retaining walls and in soakage drains.

Compatible Products: Used alongside other drainage products and with slotted drainage pipe and fittings.

Price (incl gst): $92.50/m3

Sealing Chip/Drainage Chip

Our sealing chip and drainage chip is sourced from local Waikato quarries. This crushed bluestone, which comes up to 8mm in size, is a by-product of the crushing process with a small amount of fines.

Typical Use: Smaller drainage jobs particularly where high levels of filtration are required.  The small size makes it less noticeable so can be used in places where it is seen.

Compatible Products: Used alongside other drainage products and with slotted drainage pipe and fittings.

Price (incl gst):  $69.00/m3

Builders Mix

Blended at the Watson Davies yard from materials sourced from local quarries and sand pits, our high quality builders mix is a controlled blend of crushed bluestone up to 20mm and washed sand.

Typical Use: Making concrete. Can also be used for pathways and driveways where a “soft” surface is desired.

Compatible Products: Cement.

Price (incl gst):  $75.00/m3

Quarry Dust

Quarry dust, made of finely crushed bluestone up to 6mm in size, is an ideal base for landscaping and construction projects, both big and small.

Typical Use: This easily worked product compacts to a hard surface making it ideal underneath driveways, paths and paved surfaces. The quarry dust can also be used with a layer of sand on top for an extra smooth finish.

Compatible Products: Pit sand.

Price (incl gst):  $67.50/m3

Gap 20mm

Our Gap 20mm is made from crushed bluestone rock with particle sizes up to 20mm.

Typical Use: Construction top course that compacts well to provide a hard bump-free surface.

Compatible Products: Other GAP sizes, and tools to do the job.

Price (incl gst):  $70.00/m3

Gap 40mm

We stock Gap 40mm made up of medium sized crushed bluestone, all sourced from local Waikato quarries.

Typical Use: Construction base course for filling those larger holes. Compacts well with mechanical compactors and use.

Compatible Products: Base course that needs GAP 20 on top if a smooth surface is required.

Price (incl gst):  $63.00/m3

Gap 65mm

Our Gap 65mm is our largest construction aggregate for those suspension busting pot holes. This product contains a wide range of aggregates up to 65mm.

Typical Use: Base course for construction or filling those large pot holes.

Compatible Products: Geotech cloth and other GAP grades.

Price (incl gst):  $60.00/m3